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Hair 4 Little Princess Trust.

I am taking part in Hair 4 Little Princess Trust. in aid of Little Princess Trust. Please click the link to make a commission-free donation.

Please donate! → we need £81 to reach our target!! Thank you! ♥

Myself and my younger sister have donated our hair to The Little Princess Trust!

We will be fundraising until September 28th 2014.

Please help us my making a donation to

Thank You! ♥

King Thranduil’s Daughter - Head Canon.

King Thranduil once had a beautiful wife, (Legolas’ mother) but she died giving birth to her second child, a daughter.

Thranduil was so distraught by her death that he couldn’t bare to look at the child and blamed her for his wife’s death so he gave her away and she was raised by the Captain of the Guard and his wife.

When her adoptive father died in battle, she took his place as Captain of the Guard. She never discovered the truth, that she was the King’s daughter.

And so when Thranduil discovered that Legolas had developed feelings for Tauriel the King made sure that she would not reciprocate Legolas’ feelings by telling her that she wasn’t good enough for his son and that he forbids them from being together.
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